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World Jewish Relief – They Need More Campaign

This weekend marks the one year anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Since war broke out, World Jewish Relief has supported over 187,918 Ukrainians and provided safe passage, medicine, food, power, support and basic hygiene products.

That’s one Ukrainian helped every three minutes.
Another family by the time you’ve finished reading this sentence.
And they need more. 

Needs in Ukraine remain overwhelmingly complex and multifaceted; food, hygiene and winter packages remain a priority. In many locations there are great number of displaced people and the need to support them to integrate, find employment and to offer more bespoke and targeted humanitarian assistance is immense.

Everywhere there are psychological needs and trauma that need addressing – from children whose schooling has been disrupted, to families who are separated or displaced, to those that now find themselves refugees and combatants – they are all having to adjust to a new reality and deal with what they have experienced.

Older people remain vulnerable – those who have not left Ukraine due to immobility or because they simply do not want to leave their home and start again; the risk of leaving to them is greater than the risk of staying. Yet their situations have deteriorated – black outs, price hikes, people leaving, means they are more lonely, more restricted in their movements and have greater basic needs.  

The Movement for Reform Judaism is proud to support this campaign, to ensure World Jewish Relief can continue its vital life saving and life changing work in Ukraine.

Every donation made this weekend will be matched by our generous donors.

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