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Wimbledon Synagogue hosts inclusive interfaith Seder for 100 people

Wimbledon Synagogue fostered a spirit of community and understanding by hosting an open Passover Seder for 100 guests from diverse faiths and backgrounds across south west London. 

Led by Rabbi Adrian Schell, the Seder offered a platform for education and shared experience. Rabbi Adrian’s explanations illuminated the significance of passing down knowledge to future generations, emphasising the importance of unity and the pursuit of a world free from discrimination. 

He said: “In a world increasingly divided by ideology and conflict, it’s vital to foster connection on a local level. This Seder reminds us that by working together and recognising the inherent dignity in each other, regardless of faith or background, we can truly change the course of the world.”  

The Seder brought together a remarkable guest list that included Members of Parliament, representatives from the London Assembly and Local Councils, and individuals from across the political spectrum. Local faith communities were well-represented, with attendees from churches, Sikh, Baha’i, Hindu and Muslim groups. 

Angela Rundle, Local Authority Officer for Wandsworth SACRE (Standing Advisory Committee for Religious Education) said: “It was great to see so many people from different faith backgrounds together. I have learned a lot by participating in a way in which no amount of reading about it would stay with me. The food was delicious too!” 

The evening underscored the shared goal of recognising human dignity and creating understanding between communities. It provided a space for hope and solidarity, with a particular focus on peace for Ukraine and the Middle East. 

  • More Seder pictures from around our Progressive communities to follow this week…
Rabbi Adrian Schell with faith and civic leaders at the Seder
Rabbi Adrian Schell with faith and civic leaders at the Seder
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