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[Video] What’s in store at Shirei meets Chagigah

We are just over one month away from Shirei meets Chagigah (14 or 15 to 17 March 2024). If you’re still thinking of joining us, then it is time to get a move on as only a few places remain for this special weekend of music and celebration of our Judaism. Should you be after a flavour of what it’s like to attend please watch the video above.


This year, during this distressing and confusing time of the Israel-Hamas war, there will also be the opportunity to discuss in a safe place how we can articulate our conflicting feelings whilst enacting our core Jewish values as well as how we navigate the situation with non-Jewish friends and neighbours.

There’ll be a road trip through the much anticipated new Reform Machzor, an opportunity to learn the music to complement the new liturgy and should you simply want to be immersed in a weekend of singing you will leave with some melodies to remember.

We’ve some more videos here to give you a flavour of what you can expect, and below you can see a sneak preview of the programming.

Book here and make Shirei meets Chagigah 2024 an experience to remember.

Shirei meets Chagigah programming

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