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Twinning communities in the UK and Ukraine

Community Connections are currently looking for synagogues in UK to twin with two communities in Ukraine – Lutzk and Cherkassy. These two communities are quite small and under-developed and the twinning process would allow for the congregations to broaden their horizons and make connections with fellow Jews from other, more established communities. These twinning links really do benefit both communities in the partnership, and truly enable communities to celebrate and explore their Jewish identify. By establishing links with communities within the Former Soviet Union, and helping to connect people to rabbis, youth groups, teachers, parents and lay leaders,  you will in turn be helping congregations in the Ukraine to feel part of the larger Jewish community.

Some communities like to do some fundraising for their twin – often for small projects e.g.  to purchase books, finance an educational programme, sponsor a Bar/Bat Mitzvah Kiddush etc.  Others choose it as a charity for their annual Yom Kippur Appeal so that they can provide more help.  Another option is to start to plan a trip to the twin community – perhaps 3 or 4 people to go there, meet the members and take it from there. These are just some of the possibilities, and you can make it as large or small a project as you wish. Whatever you decide, your support through establishing a twin community is extremely meaningful and worthwhile and will no doubt lead to a very special and fruitful relationship.

If you are interested in being part of a twinning project, or would like any further information please email and Michael Reik at

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