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Supporting vaccine uptake in the Jewish community

The Movement for Reform Judaism and Liberal Judaism are supporting a new NHS campaign to help ensure all members of the Jewish community are up to date with family vaccinations.

The drive – also in collaboration with the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), London local authorities and GP Practices – has been developed to improve protection against vaccine preventable diseases.

The medical professionals leading the campaign said: “The resurgence of long forgotten illnesses means childhood vaccinations must be on every parent’s checklist. Localised outbreaks of measles have been reported across London, following a warning by the UKHSA that the capital could be at risk of large measles outbreaks.

“Childhood vaccination is highly effective in preventing the spread of serious diseases. It has saved millions of lives around the world and reduced childhood deaths from infectious diseases.”

It is advised parents check their children’s health record or ‘red book’ to ensure they are up to date on all immunisations. Those with any questions or concerns are urged to contact their GP or health professional.

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