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RSY-Netzer Appeal

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Could you imagine life without RSY-Netzer? We certainly couldn’t. Whether its gaining leadership skills, viewing Judaism in a new light, growing in confidence or meeting lifelong friends and even spouses, we know RSY-Netzer has played a huge role in our members lives for 42 years.

“RSY-Netzer has made me more confident and as someone with autism they have given me many opportunities I never thought were possible. RSY-Netzer has always made an effort to understand, support and include me.” Zach Klement, RSY-Netzer leader

RSY-Netzer members all over the country came together as a virtual community on 4th August. We collectively walked 500 miles as, after so many years of creating life changing experiences for young Jewish people, Covid-19 has put the future of RSY-Netzer at risk. Fundraising for this event can be found here.

Our priority has always been keeping our community safe; we therefore made the sad but necessary decision to cancel in-person events this summer. This has led to significant financial losses for us, posing an unprecedented risk on our ability to operate.

We are looking to raise a combined total of at least £10,000 towards keeping RSY-Netzer running in, and beyond, this uncertain period. The RSY-Netzer Tsevet have already raised over £6,000 in their appeal! This will allow our staff and movement workers to run the excellent online summer provision; as well as ensuring we can look towards the future so that when we can safely meet again in person we will be prepared with events ready to go.

“RSY-Netzer taught me to stand up for what I believe in; to show leadership; to do the right thing. RSY-Netzer gave me friendships that have stood the test of time, and memories that still bring a smile to my face. ” Melanie Sobell Zakan, RSY-Netzer Mazkira 1987-88.

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