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Support and help for Afghan refugees

Families throughout our Reform Movement understand only too well the plight and desperation of the people of Afghanistan who are being forced to leave their homes with just a few personal belongings. In the not too distant past so many of us in our communities arrived here in the UK from similar refugee backgrounds. It is why our humanitarian response from up and down the country has been swift, positive, and generous. 

“We have the responsibility to help,” explained Rabbi Jonathan Romain, Minister at Maidenhead Synagogue. “With our long history of being refugees ourselves and with biblical commands to help strangers who are vulnerable, we will be offering practical help to existing refugee centres and supporting local initiatives that have already leapt into action to house these poor people,” he added. 

With this in mind, The Movement for Reform Judaism has joined with World Jewish Relief to help with their Afghan Refugee Crisis Appeal. It is estimated that 18-million people are in need in Afghanistan with millions more displaced to neighboring states and of course hundreds arriving here as refugees. 

World Jewish Relief prides itself on working through local and regional partners whose reach, accountability, financial standards, and integrity are exacting. As we go to press, they are in discussions as to how best we might be able to provide essential food and non-food items to communities in Afghanistan and the adjoining states. These discussions are ongoing but the level of need is acute and everyone is anxious to respond as quickly as possible. 

Experience has shown that providing supermarket vouchers and grants to buy clothing, food, hygiene items, and communications devices are critical to help families in desperate need adapt to their new circumstances and ultimately, we hope, to begin their journey to peaceful integration. 

So, at this time, we ask you to go online to the World Jewish Relief website to find out how you can help. 

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