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Sukkat Shalom is first stop on learning roadshow

Participants learning at Leo Baeck College's Lehrhaus at Sukkat Shalom Reform SynagogueSukkat Shalom Reform Synagogue was the launchpad for a unique programme from Leo Baeck College.

Leo Baeck College trains rabbis and educators equipped for the 21st century. It is where the leaders of Progressive Judaism are nurtured, and the heart of Progressive Jewish thought is developed. Almost every serving Liberal and Reform rabbi in the UK, and many abroad, were trained and ordained there.

The College’s adult learning programme, the Lehrhaus, has proved hugely popular over the last few years and has now gone “on the road” with Sukkat Shalom the first host synagogue.

Rabbi Mark Solomon taught a five week course on The Great Commentators, the ‘medieval’ rabbis whose written commentaries on the Hebrew Bible are still studied and debated today.

Tony Leach, of Sukkat Shalom, and whose invitation to the College inspired “Lehrhaus on the Road”, said: “Rabbi Mark took us on a fascinating and enjoyable journey from Al Andalus in Muslim Spain, where we met the discoverers, or re-discoverers, of Hebrew grammar, and from there to the Rabbinic Bible and a few verses of Bereshit (Genesis) 28:11-22, the suggiyah of Jacob and his dream of a ladder to heaven with angels ascending and descending”.

Sukkat Shalom was the first stop for “Lehrhaus on the Road”, but the road continues. To find out more, including how your community can get involved, please visit the Leo Baeck College website.

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