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Progressive Jewish Students

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Progressive Jewish Students has launched its new membership campaign! Students can sign up now to be a member of Progressive Jewish Students! It’s a 1-minute sign up form that requires no commitment from the student but opens them up to a whole world of opportunities. After signing up they will receive a package full of welcome gifts, and throughout the year there will be free gifts, job opportunities, funding, Shabbat services and Chaggim, post-university opportunities, CV workshops, guest speakers, job fairs and more! Sign up here:

Students during Coronavirus

Are you a student at University? In these unprecedented times, we understand that there are many different and new challenges that come with being a Student. Whether it is isolating, being stuck in halls, understanding how to learn online, or just feeling overwhelmed,  Progressive Jewish Students are available to help support you and navigate these challenging times. If you would like to be in touch please contact Adi or Rabbi Anna and we would love to hear from you. We have exciting announcements coming soon that you definitely do not want to miss! So keep an eye on our Social Media (Facebook, Instagram) and check here for updates.


The Progressive Jewish Students team offers educational and religious support for Progressive Jewish university students, as well as rabbinic and pastoral care and connections by our Student Chaplaincy. Progressive Jewish Students support students in building a vibrant Progressive Jewish life on their university campus, including egalitarian initiatives in order to empower everyone to engage with their Judaism.

Progressive Jewish Students focuses on two main areas: external advocacy and internal support and development.

As part of external advocacy, Progressive Jewish Students aims to lift up the Progressive Jewish voice on campus to combat anti-Semitism, strengthen the connection between students and the media, provide pastoral support to students running for on-campus elections, enable students to engage in serious dialogue with one another, and advocate for Progressive Jewish voices in the context of Orthodox-normative Jewish student life.

Through internal support and development work, Progressive Jewish Students continues to help build egalitarian and Progressive Jewish tefillah (prayer) spaces connected to university Jewish Societies, help students participate and build relationships with local Progressive Jewish communities and rabbis, run educational sessions, and respond to the mental health crisis by offering proactive resilience building workshops.

Progressive Jewish Students offers a range of programmes and resources during the year including Chizuk, our student leadership programme; Reconnect, our weekend retreat for students to relax and re-energise themselves for the rest of the year; and our famous care packages which we send out throughout the academic year.

Previous care packages have included: a Chanukah pack with Chanukiah, candles, dreidel, gelt, and the blessings to celebrate far from home; a Pesach pack with matzah and recipes; a Purim pack including a mask and noisemaker; and an end-of-year exam stress pack to help students through the revision period.

However, the most important work that we do is through immeasurable quiet conversations with individual students, getting to know who they are, with what they are concerned, and how we may provide the help that they need.

Get in touch today to arrange a visit to your campus, get support or sign up for a care package 

Are you starting university?

Click here to download our Student Choveret, packed with hints and tips on how to make the most of uni whilst taking care of yourself.

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