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Statement on Supreme Court ruling that Rwanda deportation policy is unlawful

Progressive Judaism (The Movement for Reform Judaism and Liberal Judaism) welcomes the decision of the Supreme Court to reject the Government’s plan to deport some of those seeking asylum in the UK to Rwanda. Full story here.

As Jews, we cherish ideals of justice, fairness and caring for the most vulnerable in society. Many of us are also very aware of our Jewish experience of finding refuge here in the UK. We believe the UK should seek to be a country that welcomes and supports those fleeing persecution.

We call on the Government to now accept this decision and seek alternative policy responses to the issue of small boats. Judaism believes in the importance of rule of law, and we call on all parties to respect the decision of the Supreme Court.

We hope that the government will not use this as an opportunity to attack the ECHR, believing in the importance of a shared platform protecting our fundamental human rights.

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