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Michael says, “Ever since I can remember anything, I have been a Reform Jew. Due to relocations, just occasionally, because a Reform Synagogue was not always conveniently available (like when I lived and worked in Tokyo), I belonged to a different type of Synagogue.” When Michael moved back to Brighton in 2001, he immediately joined Brighton & Hove Reform Synagogue (BHRS). That is where he has remained, and has been in the Chair (more recently as co-Chair) for about 10 years.

Michael play an active part in Jewish community life in Brighton and Hove. He is a delegate on the Sussex Jewish Representative Council and a member of the Sussex Jewish Golfing Society.

By discipline, he is a solicitor and has spent most of his career as an in-house lawyer in the pharmaceutical industry. Michael joined Alvogen (an international pharmaceutical company based in Iceland) as their General Counsel four years ago and he still works for this company.

Michael has lived and worked in four countries apart from the UK. He has performed a range of roles, including being head of HR and, when he lived in Beijing, being the country manager for China.

Michael is married and has a son at university. Having been bar mitzvah at BHRS, worked at our Cheder and been on Israel Tour, his son became a Rosh with RSY-Netzer. Michael additionally has two sons from a previous marriage and four grandchildren.

He is a member of RJ’s Rabbinic and Cantorial Employment Committee (RCEC) which he joined in 2011. Michael’s election to the Board represents the first time that a member from the Brighton and Hove Reform Synagogue has taken a seat on the RJ Board of Trustees.

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