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It was in South Africa, as the head of Jewish youth movement Habonim Dror, that Daniel first learnt how powerful it is to be part of a movement, where we act together for the whole. Since arriving in the UK 7 years ago, he have been involved in a number of Reform congregations: as Head Teacher of FRS’s religion school, and then building a new congregation, ‘Makor Hayim’.

In his working life, Daniel has a background in law and was a Clerk at the South African Constitutional Court, but, for the past 6½ years, he has been working as a professional Senior Community Organiser with the charity, Citizens UK. As an organiser, Daniel is developing faith institutions throughout the UK, training their leadership to use the tools of organising, and resulting in congregational growth of 5-10% a year, deeper financial giving, and a greater capacity to act on their organisation’s mission.

Daniel has applied these organising tools at Makor Hayim, which has seen the congregation almost double in size, as scores of new leaders are trained and then supported into participation. 46% of those who have joined this congregation have never belonged to a shul before.

Daniel takes a particular interest in long-term congregational lay leadership development; helping communities understand RJ’s role in relationship to their congregation; supporting our communities to grow in numbers and depth; supporting communities and clergy to strike relationships that enable clergy to build healthy, full lives; re-engaging young people and finally; supporting congregations to deepen cultures of financial giving.

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