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Daniel says; “Reform Judaism flows through my veins. From my grandfathers, a founder member and a former president of Bromley Reform Synagogue, and through my parents, both former office-holders within North West Surrey Synagogue, it is perhaps no surprise that I am seeking to assist the Movement.”

Since birth, Daniel has been a member of NWSS. Whilst he may be comparatively young, he certainly does not lack experience.

As a young adult, he served on NWSS Council, leading a team that re-drafted the Synagogue Constitution, which he remains responsible for periodic revisions. He remains involved in Synagogue life – as a father of Cheder-aged children.

By profession Daniel is a District Judge (Magistrates’ Courts). Prior to his appointment in 2021, he was a barrister, practising crime and family law. He is also a Recorder (part-time Judge) in the Crown Court and the Family Court.

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