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Speaking out on mental health with RSY-Netzer and Time to Change

Barely a day goes by when young people’s mental health isn’t in the news – increasing pressures from many directions, and limited support have conspired to create a crisis in the wellbeing of young people. Many young people in our communities face significant mental health challenges, and most people are increasingly aware of our own emotional wellbeing.

RSY-Netzer and Reform Judaism know the strength of informal education, to harness the power of young people to educate their peers and the wider community, so we have partnered with Time to Change to offer training for young people with lived experience of mental health challenges to become Mental Health Advocates in our communities.

Speaking Out is designed to equip people with experience of mental ill-health with the skills, information and confidence to speak out about their experience and to campaign to raise awareness and break the stigma of mental ill health. Participants can choose if and how they would like to promote mental health awareness within our community, with support from our mental health and well-being team.

If you are aged 18-25 and interested in getting involved please call us for an informal chat by 30 November

Sharon or Mark, Mental Health and Well-Being Workers

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