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Shirei Chagigah programme highlights

Shirei Chagigah, Reform Judaism’s biennial music conference, is not just for people directly involved in music and leading services – anyone who loves music is more than welcome. Here is just a taste of some of the fantastic sessions on offer over our weekend of music and community.

Here is a draft programme for the weekend

Find out more about Shirei Chagigah and book your place now – only a few spaces are left

Shabbat Zmirot with Noah Aronson Join Noah to sing through a treasure trove of Shabbos Zmiros – Shabbat table songs. Learn new songs and come ready to share your favourites.

Putting the High in the Holy Days with Cantor Rosalie Boxt and Cantor Zöe Jacobs How can we weave together tradition and modernity on the High Holy Days? How do we combine the comfort of the familiar with the spiritual uplift of the new? Learn how to create deep connections and meaningful moments, in order to enhance the High Holy Day prayer experience.

Developing Artistry on the Guitar with Rabbi Ken Chasen So many of us have learned to be ‘functional’ guitarists for group singing and worship, but we long to move beyond the basics. This intensive will help you to master techniques that will add beauty and inspiration to your guitar playing.

Too Good to be Forgotten: the Songs That Started a Genre with Rabbi Ken Chasen Journey back in time to some of the great Jewish melodies that got it all started – melodies that can still move hearts and souls in our synagogues and schools. Rabbi Ken will focus on the early work of those pioneers who forged the path we are all traveling today!

Not Your Grandmother’s Nusach: The Power of Liturgical Chanting! with Student Cantor Tamara Wolfson Nusach, or liturgical chant, grounds us in time and memory in a way that nothing else can. Explore the basics of nusach and discover innovative ways to seamlessly incorporate it into your tefilah.

Beyond the Alef Bet: Music for Teaching, Learning, Playing and Praying with Caryn Roman Are you looking for ways to make music a bigger part of your synagogue’s cheder or educational programmes? We’ll review songs and techniques that every educator – not just the music teacher – can use to make learning more interactive and to build classroom community

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