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Celebrate with our communities

Alyth, Finchley and Radlett Reform Synagogues

"Sinai from the Sofa"

Thursday 28 May, from 5.30pm
Alyth, FRS and Radlett Reform Synagogue come together to offer a memorable night of prayer, study, reflection and song – including an exclusive concert by American Jewish composer and performer, Dan Nichols. We will begin at 5.30pm, then each community will have a separate Erev Shavuot service at 6.30pm. After that we will come back together and continue with a choice of sessions right through the night, and you can dip in and out as you wish. Full programme to follow soon.

Beth Shalom Reform Synagogue, Cambridge

Thursday 28 May, 9pm
Tikkun Leyl Shavuot: learning from each other

Join us for study, not quite in the traditional all-nighter fashion but in a unique Beth Shalom way: several 15-20 minute sessions presented by our own members…..topics include ‘The Jewish view of reincarnation’; How I’m learning Talmud’, ‘The maths behind the Jewish calendar’; ‘The Stranger in our Midst: Introducing newcomers to Judaism through the Haggadah’; ‘the poetry of Anna Mendelssohn’.  Bring your own cheesecake!

Zoom link:

Bromley Reform Synagogue

Thursday 28 May

7.45 pm: Service led by BRS Rabbi-to-be Mati Kirschenbaum.
Details of the online Siddur will be advised next week, and on-screen on the day.

8.30 pm: Tikkun Leyl, study Torah with Mati Kirschenbaum on Zoom. Please register for this session by emailing and obtaining the Zoom link.

Edgware and Hendon Reform Synagogue

Thursday 28 May from 7.30pm and Friday 29 May from 10.30am

You are welcome to join us for Shavuot.  Our Tikkun Ley’l Shavuot, ‘Keep Taking the Tablets’, brings the Ten Commandments to life for today: Our Rabbis will be teaching with experts in each of the issues covered by the commandments. A theologian for the first commandment (I am God), an artist for the second (Make no graven images), a therapist for the fifth (Honour your father and mother), a police officer for the eighth (Do not Steal) – you get the idea?

Full programme of our evening and morning activities for all generations: at the foot of the page

Glasgow Reform Synagogue

A two part Tikkun Leil Shavuot

Thursday 28th May, from 7pm

After lighting the festival candles at 7pm and reciting the blessings for Shavuot, we will talk about why we read the Book of Ruth, noting some interesting points along the way. After that we will discuss the question: “Are Torah and democracy compatible?”, citing a paper from Rabbi Dr David Mesheloff at Bar Ilan university, examining certain points  raised in the paper followed by a discussion. 

For details of how to join on Zoom please email by 12 noon on Thursday morning 28th May.

Kehillat Kernow

Service, including a celebration of renewal, with additions:

Discussion of the four names of Shavuot

Story of the Baal Shem Tov on prayer

Poems by Devon Spier:   ‘Waves of Torah’; Wordsworth: ‘Daffodils’

Song: ‘Shibbole basadeh’ sung by Ofra Hazeh

Poem: Ted Hughes: ‘Swifts’

Liz Berg’s ‘My flash fiction of Ruth’

Poem: Aldon Solovy ‘The Rhythm of Wonder’

Blessing for Shavuot – please contact if wishing to join.

Kol Chai Hatch End Reform Jewish Community and Mosaic Jewish Community

Thursday 28 May, start 6.45pm, evening service 8.45-9.30pm

A varied evening of study, baking and photography! Choose from sessions on feminist and queer readings of Ruth, midrashic struggles with Revelation, a cheesecake-baking masterclass and the art of flower photography, ending with a pluralist evening service to welcome in the festival.

For more information and to get the login details, contact or

Maidenhead Synagogue

Thursday 28 May

A short service at 8.00 pm followed by a study of the Ten Commandments

Go to  & click on the words Live Video Streaming at the top right of the page.

Makor Hayim

'Revealing the Hidden Torah of the Moment'

Thursday 28 May, 7.45-9.15pm

Shavuot celebrates the revealing of Torah. This period is challenging. Our tradition teaches us that there is hidden Torah – hidden insight – in any challenge. What Torah has this period of lockdown revealed to us? What have been the gems of wisdom that you have learnt in this moment?

Receiving Torah anew, we will do two learning sessions together including a text study. 

This event is led by Makor Hayim Builder David Tiedemann and Rabbi Daniel Lichman. 

Joint Northern Reform Shavuot - Menorah, Jackson's Row, Sha'arei Shalom, Sheffield, Blackpool, Southport, Darlington, Newcastle and Hull Reform Synagogues

Thursday 28 May from 3pm and Friday 29 May from 10.30am

3pm Childrens’ scavenger hunt with Rabbi Robyn & Alison Branitsky

6.45pm Candle lighting and erev Shavuot service

7.30-8.15pm Is God trying to teach us something? – Or is the book of Ruth misleading us? With Rabbi Bobby Silverman

8.30-9.15pm For the sake of another’s life: Prioritising lives when all cannot be saved. With Rabbi Fabian Sborovsky

9.30-10.30pm – Torah on Tap: Re-imagining Judaism from the destruction of the Temples to the Coronavirus Era with Rabbi Robyn Asworth-Steen

29th May from 10.30am – Shavuot morning service.

For login details email

Sha’arei Tsedek North London, SWESRS, Sukkat Shalom, Southend and District and Liverpool Reform Synagogues

Thursday 28 May

Join Reform Judaism communities and Eastern Counties Association of Masorti and Progressive Synagogues (ECAMPS) for a fantastic Erev Shavuot event.

The evening begins at 4.45 pm with Tots Shavuot Story and Song-time.

A series of co-led sessions of prayer, study, song and a talk by Dr Lily Kahn on the topic of “The Seventy Languages of the Jews”.

At 10.00 pm Rabbis Shulamit Ambalu and Lisa Barrett will jointly lead a session: ‘Trees of Life: Poetry and Papercutting’.

For further information please email:


Friday 29 May, 10.30 am

Celebratory Shavuot Morning for all ages with Sha’arei Tsedek

Discover the creativity of your community. Join us for the whole morning or just drop in when you fancy. With moments of Shavuot morning prayer and interactive activities including  ‘Family Fitness’, ‘Baking’ with Penny Beral Catering & Events; ‘Paper Art’ and  ‘The Blessing of Gardening’ with Rabbi James Baaden.

To join event:

Sinai Synagogue, Leeds

Thursday 28 May

Tikkun l’eil Shavuot: study the book of Judges and how it shows that chaos exists without leadership

Please email for further details

Wimbledon Synagogue

Thursday 28 May

Evening service at 7pm led by Student Rabbi Gabriel Kanter-Webber; after a short break when we can get our cup of tea and cheese cake he will continue with a Tikkun 

  • Shavuot treats the covenant between God and Israel as being like a marriage – and, traditionally, we mark it by staying up all night and learning. An ancient story about Rabbi Akiva’s son’s wedding night tells us that he did the same thing after his own marriage. But how did his wife feel about it?
  • Studying late into the night, as it’s dark outside, is an ideal time to explore the topic of Werewolves in the Torah! A 13th-century Torah commentary suggests that Benjamin was a werewolf. Why? Was he right? Let’s find out.


Friday 29 May

The morning service will be led by Student Rabbi David-Yehuda Stern at 10.30. This will be a shorter than usual service, followed by a brief Yiskor (memorial) service.

For zoom entry contact

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