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Senior Reform rabbis condemn Trump comments on ethnic minority politicians

Senior Reform rabbis have condemned President Trump’s comments telling ethnic minority US-born politicians to “go back” to where they “originally came from”.

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Senior Rabbi to Reform Judaism, Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner said the comments were “corrosive, disgraceful and undermine the true meaning of democracy,” adding: “The moral underpinning of any country is led by political leadership alongside religious leadership… These despicable words must be condemned and apologised for.”

Rabbi Baroness Julia Neuberger of West London Synagogue said she was “shocked by his racism, shocked by his obvious belief that they do not ‘belong’ in American society, and even more shocked by the fact he neither apologised nor retrenched”.

She added: “From Charlottesville to now, he shows no understanding of what it means to live in an integrated, tolerant, multicultural society. For Jews, that is all the more disturbing. We need inclusivity and tolerance, both in principle and in practice. It is in societies which treasure those values that we flourish best.”

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