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Schools visit Southend and District Reform Synagogue

Southend and District Reform Synagogue hosted 200 children from the nearby Chalkwell School. The eight classes of five and six year old children visited the synagogue on two consecutive Friday mornings.

The classes were each given a short presentation by members of the synagogue who explained to them about the Torah scroll and some of the well known Biblical characters. They were shown and told about some Jewish items such including books, tallit, chanukiah and shofar. The two classes were then brought together for some Q and A and refreshments including challah and matzot. Both the Synagogue members and the children, teachers and helpers all found the time enjoyable and worthwhile.

Synagogue Chair, Lewis Miller said: “I thoroughly enjoyed the two mornings, the children were respectful, inquisitive and well supported by the teachers and their helpers. One five year old was even keen to try blowing the shofar”.

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