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Safer Recruitment for Volunteers online training course

The Movement for Reform Judaism holding an online training course for communities to understand their responsibilities when recruiting and managing volunteers.

The session will be delivered by MRJ’s Head of Safeguarding and Wellbeing Sharon Daniels and HR Director Gilly Shulman. It will focus on processes for managing volunteers, in particular those working with children and vulnerable adults.

Sharon said: “We welcome all volunteers, and every community is responsible for its recruiting policy, but from the community safeguarding audits we’ve identified a need for greater awareness of Safer Recruitment.

“We’ll be covering recruitment of volunteers who want to assist teaching in cheders for instance, taking children’s services, those who want to visit and befriend older people, and so on.  Trustees are also volunteers, so their recruitment will also be covered.

“Safe practice is of course paramount, and we need to ensure that everyone taking on these roles, even members who are known to communities, go through the same process as everyone else.”

Members of both Reform and Liberal Judaism can sign up for this free online training course on Monday 26 February here.

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