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RSY-Netzer’s winter fun

RSY-Netzer’s winter funRSY-Netzer winter events went down a storm in (the quite windy) beautiful Cardigan Bay this past December as Tash Shaw explains.

Just under 200 people aged 8 to 21 joined us in Wales as chanichim (participants), madatzim (training leaders), the tzevet (leadership team) or madabim (heads of camp and coordinators), filling up 5 different camps called; Sheleg, Kerach, Machane B’Yachad, Course Hadracha and Misgeret Livluv, we had quite a full plate.

Coordinating so many people on site can be a challenge but we were lucky enough to have a strong team of heads of camp and leaders to create the amazing RSY-Netzer atmosphere our participants love and enjoy. From Shakespeare murder mysteries to Disney-themed quests and talent shows there were plenty of immersive activities for our chanichim to throw themselves into.

There were action activities like dry-slope skiing and archery during the day as well as teamwork activities exploring Jewish community and high-energy planned by our trainee leaders for the younger age groups which got rave reviews.

At the end of the four days our chanichim were sad to say goodbye to their friends from all around the country but many of them were already looking forward to returning home to their communities to share their winter camp experiences.

“Really fun”; “loads of good activities”; “making friends with people”’ “awesomeness”’ are just some of the great things our chanichim had to say about camp this winter and we’re looking forward to recreating the magic this summer!

Applications for Shemesh 2016/5776 are now open, book soon to avoid disappointment!

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