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RSY-Netzer Shemesh summer camp launch

RSY-Netzer have recently launched the application forms for their famous summer camp – Machane Shemesh. Shemesh is a wonderful experience for young people to spend an extended period of time in a nurturing, friendly, Reform community.

RSY-Netzer run 5 residential camps for different age groups: Briyah (years 5 and 6), Shachar (year 7), Emunah (year 8), Reut (year 9), Atid (year 10). Briyah is 10 days long whilst all the other camps are 2 weeks long.

As the Zionist youth movement for Reform Judaism RSY-Netzer want to make sure as many young members of our communities have the opportunity to participate in Shemesh. Until 1 February there is a priority system in place for Reform members. Enrolment forms received after this date are accepted on a first-come-first-served basis. We have also frozen the Reform early bird price (forms that are submitted before 1 February) for Shachar, Emunah, Reut, and Atid at the same price as it was in 2014- £999. Reform Judaism and RSY-Netzer are very proud of this and want to make sure that as many Reform congregants as possible are aware of this!

As with all RSY-Netzer events, financial assistance is offered to try to ensure that means is not a barrier to those who’d like to be a part of RSY-Netzer.

If you’d like any more information about Shemesh you can find out more at the RSY-Netzer website.

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