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RSY-Netzer Memorial & Shabbat

Since the brutal terrorist attacks on the 7th October, RSY-Netzer have been doing their best to support their members and the Israeli community.

Yesterday morning, RSY-Netzer held their first of two Gathertown events to update their members of the events that have unfolded, and process the emotions they have been handling during this time. Next week they will hold a similar event for their older members and leaders.

“Last week we also played a part in organising a community memorial, with Habonim Dror, LJY Netzer, Noam Masorti, their parent movements, Yachad, Artzenu and the New Israel Fund. This was an extremely meaningful time for us all, as we sang Oseh Shalom as a youth movement block, all standing together. RSY-Netzer has also been asked to sing Ana El Na for World Union of Progressive Judaism’s (WUPJ) Kabbalat Shabbat service this Friday, Shabbat Around The World, which you can sign up for below”

Sign-up to tonight’s service here

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