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Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner explains how to get involved in different aspects of Jewish life, from life cycle events to festivals. These short, simple and convenient videos can help if you are new to these rituals or if you just want a refresh.


A step-by-step guide to carrying out the Pesach Seder – the traditional meal and rituals for the first nights of the festival of Passover.


An introduction to the blessings made at Friday night dinner to welcome the Shabbat day of rest – including the candles, wine and bread.

Death (1/2)

This video introduces the Jewish process of responding to a death, from hearing about a person having died through to the funeral service.

Death (2/2)

In the second part of the guide to death, this video explores the Jewish steps of responding to a death once the funeral is over.


Chanukah is the festival of light – this video shows how to light the candles and make the blessings to bring the festival light into your home.


Learn what a mezuzah is and the blessings and steps to take to perform this ritual – one way to make your house into a Jewish home.

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