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Coming in early 2024, the ninth edition of Forms of Prayer: Days of Awe will offer a Reform Machzor for a new generation. Almost forty years since the previous edition, Days of Awe will enable us to make the extraordinary journey of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur in a way that expresses our Reform Jewish values and our place in Jewish tradition.

The new Machzor will bring the innovations of the 2008 Seder Ha-t’fillot Siddur into our High Holy Days, enabling us to more easily follow the services and including transliteration to increase inclusion and accessibility. Days of Awe will also be an excellent study resource, with many of the classical texts we are familiar with and many more contemporary sources in our high quality study anthology.

Split across two Volumes Days of Awe will be a beautifully bound box set that will complement your High Holyday experience.
In this episode of Rabbiting On! Rabbi Mark Goldsmith crosses the threshold to join the Rabbiters in a very special conversation about creating liturgy, which like any creative art, draws inspiration from a great many sources.

The editorial team hard at work sourcing liturgy, writing and proof reading.



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