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Reform Judaism in 1000 Words

What does Reform Judaism say about God, kabbalah, Torah or kashrut?

We are launching a new way of engaging with Reform Jewish values in 2017.

Reform Judaism in 1000 Words offers one short but deep article a week written by rabbis from across the country to explore and expand your engagement with Reform Jewish thought and practice in the 21st century.

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Each of us has an individual relationship with Judaism, with our own theology and passions. Similarly, every community will define many of its own boundaries. This diversity of approaches is integral to what makes Reform Judaism so special. Uniting us are shared values, common challenges, and a core ideology and approach. In this series, we address those commonalities, while recognising our diversity of voices. Each essay is written by one member of the Assembly of Reform Rabbis UK , addressing one area of being a Jew today.

The articles are introduced by the editors, Rabbis Josh Levy of Alyth Synagogue and Debbie Young-Somers, Reform Judaism’s Community Educator. We would not all have written the same article, and will not all choose the same journey through the materials. The hope is that they help you to express your own Judaism more clearly.


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