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Rabbis and cantors respond to President Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’

More than 40 Reform and Liberal rabbis and cantors have challenged President Donald Trump’s so-called ‘Muslim ban’. In a letter to The Times, initiated by Senior Rabbi, Laura Janner-Klausner, the rabbis say that the President’s executive order “is inciting and legalising hatred.” The full text is below.

The letter was also covered by The Independent and The Jewish News.

“Dear Sir,

Last week, Holocaust Memorial Day reminded us what happens when institutionalised hatred goes unchallenged. This week, we stand alongside our Muslim cousins as they face the consequences – both direct and indirect – of President Trump’s executive order. The President of the United States, by effectively banning many Muslims from entering the country, is inciting and legalising hatred. We urge Prime Minister May to convey to the President the lessons of history, and the potential consequences of deliberately directing the tools of State against a minority.”

Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner, Senior Rabbi to Reform Judaism
Rabbi Alexandra Wright, Co-chair of Liberal Rabbinic Conference
Rabbi Richard Jacobi, Co-chair of Liberal Rabbinic Conference
Rabbi Josh Levy, Co-Chair of the Reform Rabbinic Assembly
Rabbi Dr Jackie Tabick, Convener of the Reform Rabbinic Court
Rabbi Charley Baginsky
Rabbi Tanya Sakhnovich
Rabbi Daniel Smith
Rabbi Margaret Jacobi
Rabbi Shulamit Ambalu
Rabbi Mark Solomon
Rabbi Andrea Zanardo
Rabbi Dr Jonathan Romain
Rabbi Miriam Berger
Rabbi Rebecca Birk
Rabbi Sylvia Rothschild
Rabbi Jeffrey Newman
Rabbi Elizabeth Tikva-Sarah
Professor Rabbi Jonathan Magonet
Rabbi Lisa Barrett
Rabbi Lea Muehlstein
Cantor Zoe Jacobs
Rabbi Dr Charles Middleburgh
Rabbi Sybil Sheridan
Rabbi Barbara Borts
Rabbi Anna Gerrard
Rabbi Aaron Goldstein
Rabbi Helen Freeman
Rabbi Roderick Young
Rabbi Reuven Silverman
Rabbi Monique Mayer
Rabbi Rene Pfertzel
Rabbi Amanda Golby
Rabbi Rachel Benjamin
Rabbi Kate Briggs
Rabbi Howard Cooper
Rabbi Janet Darley
Rabbi Colin Eimer
Rabbi David Mitchell
Rabbi Harry Jacobi
Rabbi Mark Goldsmith
Rabbi Dr Deborah Kahn-Harris
Rabbi Neil Janes
Rabbi Dr Tony Bayfield
Rabbi Debbie Young-Somers
Rabbi Daniela Thau
Rabbi Celia Surget
Rabbi Steven Katz

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