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Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner on anti-Semitism

Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner spoke at a rally outside the Royal Courts of Justice in London on Sunday 31 August to demand zero tolerance of anti-Semitism.

Here is the full text of Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner’s speech:

Nearly 80 years ago, 100,000 people, including my grandfather, rallied near here in Cable Street. They succeeded in blocking the march of Mosley’s anti-Semitic fascist black shirts. Newspapers wrote that ‘Every avenue was blocked by huge crowds of people – Christian and Jew.’

Protesters stood together as we are standing today and chanted “They Shall Not Pass! They Shall Not Pass!”

They knew that hatred often starts but never ends with Jews. If the anti-Semites passed – if intolerance flourished – the freedom of every minority and ultimately all British people was under threat.

Here we are today and anti-Semitism, racism and fascism remain a reality.

We know that Nazi hashtags and thuggery outside our synagogues – whether Reform, Orthodox or Haredi – spells danger for Jews first, but that it will be the black person or the gay couple or the Muslim family next. This is broader than anti-Semitism. This is not just about Jews. These attacks on Jews are attacks on the very fabric and cherished values of Britain.

As on Cable Street, Jews cannot expect others to lead the fight against anti-Semitism but nor can we do it alone.

We must remain vigilant against extremism and stand united with our British brothers and sisters, remembering our common call to freedom: They Shall Not Pass. We call for zero tolerance.

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