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Rabbi Dr Jonathan Romain on Justin Welby and no-deal Brexit

Rabbi Dr Jonathan Romain wrote to The Times on the Archbishop of Canterbury and Brexit.


Sir, Full marks to Justin Welby for thinking beyond ideology and economics regarding Brexit, and looking also at the massive social issues that are just as important to the future health of the country. In Maidenhead we are setting in motion plans for a “local conversation” open to the whole town once Brexit happens (or is aborted), so as to heal the fissures it has caused. Both sides of the debate will need to let go of their anger, move away from repeating how we voted, find common ground and join together in discussing how best to implement the shared goals we have for our town and country. Whether or not we leave Europe, we have to heal the internal divide, lest that proves the worst outcome.
Rabbi Dr Jonathan Romain
Maidenhead Synagogue

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