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Rabbi Dr Jonathan Romain in the media

Rabbi Dr Jonathan Romain of Maidenhead Synagogue on BBC Radio 4 and in the Huffington Post.

Something Understood

The mystery of what happens after we die has long been the subject of writers, artists and thinkers. Rabbi Dr Jonathan Romain was one of the contributors on BBC Radio 4’s Something Understood, talks to Samira Ahmed about Jewish ideas of Sheol.

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Beyond Belief

Is pacifism a viable option in a world of nuclear weapons and drone aircraft? Rabbi Dr Jonathan Romain joined Ernie Rea alongside other speakers to discuss the religious history and contemporary aspects of pacifism.

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Huffington Post

The Jackie Collins dilemma – to tell or not to tell? Jackie Collins had the right to keep her cancer secret from her close family, but it may have been the wrong choice.

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