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Progressive rabbis on the importance of Pride Month

June is Pride Month – a vibrant and inclusive month of events and activities to celebrate the LGBTQI+ community, their history, achievements and ongoing struggle for equality.

Progressive Judaism has long been at the cutting edge of equality and inclusion within the religious world. Both Liberal Judaism and The Movement for Reform Judaism were a key part of the successful campaign for equal marriage and we are proud to have many members of the LGBTQI+ community as our rabbis, leaders, teachers and members of Progressive congregations.

As part of this month’s activities, we asked rabbis from Liberal and Reform Judaism to explain why Pride is so important. Below are a selection of their replies:

“Pride is important because, in the face of increasing homophobic and transphobic rhetoric and attacks, it prompts us to stand together to affirm that everyone is created in God’s image.”
Rabbi Janet Darley

“Pride is important because it is a celebration of our diversity and our inclusivity.”
Rabbi Naomi Goldman

“Pride is important because LGBTQI+ people still grow up feeling shame, and continue to experience persecution, rejection and exclusion.”
Rabbi Elli Tikvah Sarah

“Pride is important because it raises awareness, dispels myths and make us confront our own prejudices.”
Rabbi Colin Eimer

“Pride is important because it isn’t important to some: so long as there are members of our community who are oppressed, or vilified, or excluded, it is our job to go over and above to show solidarity, support, and – yes – pride.”
Rabbi Gabriel Kanter-Webber

“Pride is important because it highlights the progress and achievements of the LGBTQI+ community, and gives hope to those who still struggle with their own identities and/or suffer from the prejudice and lack of understanding within their families and communities.”
Rabbi Ariel J Friedlander

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