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Progressive Judaism growing in Bromley and beyond


Bromley Reform Synagogue – a congregation spread across South East London – used this year’s Chanukah celebrations to further build its community and growing reputation.

After the recent census found that the area is seeing one of the biggest growths of Jewish population in Lewisham, Greenwich and Southwark, the Movement for Reform Judaism, in collaboration with the community, has decided to invest in a role of a Community Builder, aiming to engage Jews the area in meaningful Jewish experiences and building local communities supported by Bromley Reform and Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner.

Extra events have now been added to appeal to both current and potential members. These have included get-togethers for Israelis based in South East London, family events and Chanukah lightings in Greenwich, Lewisham and Forest Hill.

Membership has been growing, further boosted by the popularity of Rabbi Laura, one of the country’s leading and most well-known rabbis.

She said: “Bromley Synagogue is a magnet for the burgeoning Jewish life south of the river Thames.”

The Forest Hill Chanukah event was a perfect example of Bromley’s community building in action – held in a local pub, with families from the synagogue joined by friends and neighbours.

Rabbi Laura added: “This event was a real success – with dozens of people, members and not-yet-members in a warm, fun-filled evening of connection and song. A wonderful turnout reflected the growth of Jewish life in South London.”

Bromley’s Community Builder Einat Aronberg, who organised the event, said: “It was lovely to have a chance to celebrate our holiday in such trying times by meeting new people, who otherwise might not have a place to light candles and connect with their fellow Jews.

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