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‘Progressive Judaism enables Jews to live authentic lives’

Rabbi Lev Taylor has highlighted the lead Progressive Judaism has taken in LGBT+ equality and inclusion… and what still has to be done. 

In an article for the Jewish News, he describes the groundbreaking work of Rabbis Lionel Blue, Sheila Shulman and Elli Tikvah Sarah. 

Rabbi Lev writes: “Because of their efforts, and those of many others, Progressive Judaism now enables Jews to live authentic lives within all traditions. In Progressive synagogues, same-gender couples can have fully affirming marriages – indeed the movements campaigned for it. Our children are completely accepted and raised in the communities. We have celebratory Pride Shabbats. There are wonderful networks of queer Jews.” 

After discussing initiatives such as Twilight People, the gender-neutral ketubot written by Rabbi Mark Solomon and his own Queer Yeshiva, Rabbi Lev speaks about the next steps needed for a full embrace of trans members – who face hostility in both the Jewish community and wider word. 

He concludes: “This all provides the opportunity for Progressive Judaism to continue to be at the forefront of genuinely inclusive and trans-affirming religion. I hope we will be.” 

Read the full article here.

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