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Progressive Co-Lead joins Archbishop to launch Big Help Out

Progressive Judaism Co-Lead Rabbi Charley Baginsky and Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby have led the calls for members of British faith groups to get involved with the Big Help Out – a weekend of volunteering that will take place in June.

A launch event took place at an interfaith iftar at the Eritrean Muslim Community Association (EMCAs). Joined by other faith leaders and representatives, Rabbi Charley met volunteers from across the EMCA’s work to hear about the impact that faith-based volunteering has on communities struggling with poverty.

The Big Help Out 2024, which will run on 7-9 June, is being backed by 30 well known charities and is a key moment for interfaith work. It is supported by both Mitzvah Day and the Jewish Volunteering Network.

Rabbi Charley said: “Volunteering alongside our friends and neighbours of all faiths and backgrounds is a key Jewish value and needed now more than ever.

“It not only directly benefits those being supported, but also helps to strengthen relationships and friendships between our faiths.”

Brendan Cox, Co-Founder of the Together Coalition, which is helping to organise the Big Help Out, added: “Faith organisations are the backbone of British volunteering – and the Big Help Out is a unique opportunity to connect the faithful with their wider communities.”

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