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Prayer for the Olympics

Can you love Judaism and the Olympics, or is the spirit of competitiveness incompatible with the need to value everybody equally? As someone who is both a keen sportsman, but equally passionate about faith, Rabbi Dr Jonathan Romain of Maidenhead Synagogue has no doubt that one can pursue both with gusto.

Prayer for the Olympics

Let us cheer those who win, irrespective of their nationality.

Let us applaud those who lose, but who gave their best.

Let the prowess of athletes not be overshadowed by attacks and disruptions, nor spoilt by the fear of them.

Let those who might engage in political machinations or look for financial advantage put them aside for this rare opportunity for universal goodwill

Let us appreciate the oneness of humanity, with those from many countries striving for the same goals, and sharing the same hopes and disappointments.

We know that ‘time and chance govern all’ (Eccl. 9.11) but we can also surprise ourselves with our generosity of spirit. And long after the sportsmen and women have returned to their homes, let the London Olympics be remembered for individual endeavour and international harmony.

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