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Prayer for the new Government

By Rabbi Lisa Barrett (Manchester Reform Synagogue)

May the One who gives salvation to monarchs and dominion to rulers, whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, may the Holy Blessed One bless our new Prime Minister Keir Starmer, his cabinet, all the members of his government, and all the new Members of Parliament.

May the Eternal One preserve in life Keir and the members of the new Parliament, and guard and deliver them from danger, from evil intent, from trouble and sorrow. May God put a spirit of wisdom and understanding into their hearts, so that they may govern competently and effectively, uphold the peace of the realm, advance the welfare of the nation, and deal kindly and truly with all Israel.

May Keir and his new government conduct themselves honestly, restoring respect and trust in our politicians, in our political system and in the governance of our country. May we, together with our fellow citizens, support the new government in working to bring justice, equality, opportunity, prosperity, hope, dignity and wellbeing to every citizen of our nation, taking responsibility for the part we can play in partnering with our elected leaders to improve our lives, and to fulfill the great potential of each individual and of the nation.

May this be the Divine will. And Let us say Amen.

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