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Prayer for receiving a Covid-19 vaccine

Rabbi Paul Freedman has offered the following prayers to be recited when receiving the first or second dose of a vaccination for Covid-19. The coronavirus pandemic has brought so much loss of life and normality, yet the vaccination programme offers us a beacon of light in these dark times.

rom restrictions and distress
I have cried out to God. Now God has
answered me with potential relief.1
As it is said: I shall remove this sickness
from amongst you.2
Min ha-meitsar karati yah, anani va-merchav yah.
V’ne’emar: vahasiroti machalah mikkirbecha.

My God
You are the One
Who kept me alive
Who sustained me
That I might reach this time
of my vaccination.
With Your help, may it bring protection
to me, to those around me, and to those beyond

Here I am, ready
and prepared
to fulfil the positive commandment
of preserving life.
Hin’ni muchan / muchanah
u-m’zumman / u-m’zummenet
l’kayyeim mitzvat aseih
shel pikkuach nefesh

Blessed are You, our Living God,
Sovereign of the universe,
who has kept us alive
and sustained us
and brought us to this time
Baruch attah Adonai eloheinu melech ha-olam,
shehecheyanu v’kiyy’manu v’higgi’anu la-z’man ha-zeh

A PDF of the prayers can also be downloaded here.

We strongly encourage all of our members to receive a Covid vaccination when they are called to do so. The vaccines have been rigorously tested for safety and taking one will help protect you and the people around you from serious disease. It is a mitzvah, a commandment and a good deed, to do so.

We are proud of the ways our communities have helped lead on preventing coronavirus transmission. Rabbi Tony Bayfield, former chair of the Movement for Reform Judaism, comments “Reform Judaism leads the way in defining the authentic Jewish response to this terrible pandemic.  Physically – by giving absolute priority to saving life, putting the safety of others first and then coming forward for vaccination.  And spiritually – by embracing technology so that communal worship and mutual support remains the heart of synagogue life.  I feel immensely proud to witness the pioneering work of Reform communities.”

Rabbi Tony Bayfield receiving his Covid-19 vaccination
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