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North West Surrey Synagogue appoints permanent rabbi

North West Surrey Synagogue (NWSS) has announced the appointment of Kath Vardi as their permanent rabbi.

Rabbi Vardi takes up her post following her semicha (ordination) from Leo Baeck College on 2 July 2017 when she was awarded a master’s degree in rabbinic theology.

Rabbi Vardi and her family have relocated from Preston in Lancashire to Surrey, and she notes that the whole family, who are avid walkers, have already discovered the wonderful countryside and are planning on tackling some of the North Downs.

One area of particular importance to Rabbi Vardi is interfaith relationships and she noted that this is going to be a fundamental part of her work and of the synagogue’s work as a community. Building relationships both within and between communities means that communities are able to share their strengths and support one another in their work. Sharing common concerns and working together is an essential element of community building.

Rabbi Vardi commented: “Our move to Surrey is filled with new possibilities and, as yet, unexplored territory. A new area, new schools and new friends. And of course, a new joint venture, as together as community and rabbi, we begin the next chapter in the life of NWSS. Building on what we do well and looking to capitalise on our successes so far. NWSS is a vibrant, warm and welcoming community who give their time and talents with love, and I’m proud to be joining it. I want to see us continue to extend opportunities for active involvement even further for more people to share in shaping our future”.

Ian Lancaster, NWSS Chairman, welcomed Rabbi Kath’s arrival, pointing out that she has already made her mark with the community through occasional visits since she was appointed at the Synagogue’s fourth permanent rabbi. “She has clearly demonstrated her versatility in her service leadership and commitment to the community,” he said. “We look forward to a long involvement with her and her family”.

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