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Newcastle says ‘Adieu’ to Benny Ross

Benny Ross, long-term member of Newcastle Reform Synagogue (NRS) and past Chair, led his last Shabbat service for a year, as Brenda Dinsdale explains.

At the end of August he will go to China to teach in school. He is amongst a group of twenty teachers from England who will start work in Chinese schools and will not know exactly what he is teaching until he arrives.

During the Kiddush which followed the service, Linda Scott, Chair, referred to Benny’s knowledge and expertise and said how much he will be missed, not just by the community but on a personal level, by Linda herself.

Benny will have to go to Beijing in order to attend shul and, as he will be living about an hour way, this might be a challenge. However, there are synagogues which have regular services and which celebrate High Holy Days as well as minor festivals. There is no doubt that NRS’s loss, albeit temporary, will be Beijing’s gain. And, when Benny returns he will have a lot to tell us about Chinese life and worship.

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