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New screening service for Jewish genetic disorders

Jnetics, the only UK charity devoted to the prevention of Jewish genetic disorders (JGDs), have recently launched a clinic in Barnet Hospital to provide a local and easily accessible screening service for the London Jewish community. It is run in partnership with two NHS institutions – Liverpool Women’s Hospital and Northwick Park Hospital.

This screening service enables participants to find out if they carry 1 or more of the 9 severe recessive genetic disorders, including Tay-Sachs Disease, that are so devastatingly prevalent amongst our communities.

All these nine disorders are extremely debilitating, often life shortening conditions, with no known cure. However, they are all entirely preventable with carrier screening.

‘Carriers’ are not affected themselves but are at increased risk of passing on the condition to their children. Though rare, these 9 conditions are all devastating, and typically occur when there is no family history. Importantly, knowing if you are a carrier helps you consider the different options available to reduce the risk of having an affected child.

Participation in the clinic involves a few simple steps:

1. Online Registration – this includes picking an appointment time and paying the screening fee.

2. Attending your appointment at Barnet Hospital – meet with a genetic counsellor who guides you through the screening process and answers any outstanding questions.

3. Receiving Results – results are received by email from the genetic counsellor 8-10 weeks after the appointment, or 2-3 weeks if the participant (or their partner) is pregnant. If found to be a carrier of one of the conditions, the genetic counsellor will be available for further information and advice.

To find out more and register please visit the Jnetics website .

If you have any more questions about the clinic, please contact the Jnetics team via email or phone 020 8123 5022.

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