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New Reform Judaism Machzor launched

One of the main highlights of the Shirei meets Chagigah weekend was the first public appearance of the Movement for Reform Judaism’s High Holy Days Machzor.

Ten years of painstaking work went into its publication and Joint Editor Rabbi Paul Freedman could not have been happier as he conducted a special Simcha service to celebrate the new arrival along with co-lead of Progressive Judaism Rabbi Josh Levy and the Machzor’s Editorial Group Chair Rabbi Mark Goldsmith.

Rabbi Paul said: “There was enormous excitement – and quite moving gratitude – for the new Machzor. People were thrilled to hold a real copy in their hands.

“Gleeful in appreciation often saying that it looks beautiful feels like the Siddur but different for the High Holy Days. Like the missing piece of a liturgical jigsaw. I really loved giving people a guided tour of its contents and, to be honest, showing it off.

“I think some of my enthusiasm may have rubbed off on others, really looking forward to using it at the high holidays. I won’t forget Sherry Ashworth (from Manchester) excitedly telling me in one session that her understanding of the journey of Yom Kippur had just been completely transformed.”

The hope is that it will allow everyone to participate in Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur in a way that addresses their personal needs and reflects today’s Reform and Progressive values and place in Jewish tradition.

The Machzor is available as a two-volume set in a slip case and can be ordered from your local Reform synagogue.


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