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Your new Jeneration Fieldworker

Hello all! My name is Maya Skaarbrevik. I’m here to tell you a bit more about myself and my new role as the Jeneration Fieldworker! To introduce myself, I’m 23 years old and have just graduated from Sussex University with a degree in psychology with cognitive science. Before I knew about the position with Jeneration, like many young people I was not sure what path to take after I’d finish my studies. I didn’t know what was out there in the ‘real world’ and what my place could be in it. But in what is the best piece of advice I can give to other young people, I let my intuition guide me and found myself back in the heart of Reform Judaism.

My journey started with an extremely last minute application to go on Israel Tour. Whilst on tour, I met my current best friends and additionally fell in love with the warmth of the community. From there I continued my involvement by attending Hadracha and leading Shemesh for the next few years.

When I started studying at Sussex, it quickly became apparent that this was the first time I’d have full control of my relationship with Judaism. I was also not sure whether I’d have any involvement with Jewish organisations like RSY-Netzer. I spent a lot of my time outside of the ‘Jewish bubble’, with many times being the only Jewish person my friends had ever met! I balanced this with occasionally getting involved with other Jewish students on campus for events and Friday night dinners, but was lacking the Progressive space that I missed from camp and back home.

This is where Jeneration comes in! We are the dedicated project of Reform Judaism that works with Jewish students on campus to provide Progressive-led Shabbat dinners, social events, student training, shabbatons and residential trips abroad, and hopefully that warm fuzzy feeling of community. We are also looking forward to meeting prospective students and helping them ease into the world of university with confidence! Ultimately, we are for all the students who want a familiar Progressive space (or a new one!) on campus, who want to meet like-minded students, and who want to have a meaningful connection to their Jewish identity on their own terms.

With all these exciting things to plan you can imagine we are already busy preparing for the new academic year. We are so excited to welcome new students and current ones and hope that as many people as possible get involved (so tell all your family and friends!). Look out for what we are doing on campuses as well as our dedicated social media platforms: On Facebook, On twitter and Instagram. Email, telephone no: 020 8349 5661

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