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A new book bridging the Orthodox/Reform divide

What does Judaism say about 150 pressing topical issues in family problems, sexual mores, faith questions and business ethics? And what is the difference in the Orthodox and Reform approach?

A remarkable collection of answers has been compiled by the Jewish Chronicle’s two rabbinic columnists – Rabbi Naftali Brawer and Rabbi Dr Jonathan Romain of Maidenhead Synagogue – who respond (and periodically contradict each other) in a book that will both entertain and inform.

Questions such as:

Should I inform my best friend that her husband is cheating on her?

Is it acceptable to accompany a friend to a suicide clinic abroad?

Can I lie to my children about taking drugs when I was a teenager?

Our father wants to be cremated, but my mother wants him buried – what should we do?

Can I be Jewish if I do not believe in God?

Can you have a virtual minyan through skyping?

Is a circumcision performed by a non-Jewish surgeon valid?

Can you put a teddy bear in a child’s coffin?

The book costs £12.99 and is available from The Jewish Chronicle online or by calling 020 7415 1570.

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