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Netza-fun in the North at RSY Shabbaton

RSY-Netzer ran their first Shabbaton of 5784, taking over Menorah Synagogue in Manchester for Netzafon.

Over the Friday night and Saturday, the Movement for Reform Judaism’s youth group explored the concept of tikkun olam and celebrated the festival of Tu Bishvat.

Highlights for attendees – aged from eight to 16 – included a musical Kabbalat Shabbat, roast dinner, plant pot decoarting, fun competitive activities and a sleepover.

Movement workers Amy, Becca and Jack said: “We absolutely loved seeing old faces and new, coming together for an RSY-Netzer Shabbat!

“We are extremely proud of our Year 9-11 group, as they wrote and led a kef (fun) activity for the first time. They took inspiration from the night before, and wrote an activity about the famous RSY-pie recipe going missing.

“The younger group absolutely loved the activity and we are so grateful to provide such special peer leadership opportunities.”

RSY-Netzer’s second Shabbaton of the year – Shabbaton Darom – takes place in the South this weekend. For more details and to sign up, please click here


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