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National press cover Alyth Iftar as faiths come together

Imam Mehmed Stublla gives the call to prayer from the Alyth Bimah

Alyth Synagogue hosted its 11th annual fast-breaking Ramadan Iftar meal for Muslim friends and neighbours.

Baroness Scott, Rabbi Josh Levy and Imam Sabah Ahmedi
Baroness Scott, Rabbi Josh Levy and Imam Sabah Ahmedi

A key part of the Alyth calendar, this year’s event had the theme of ‘friendship across difference’ and looked at how to maintain good relations between Jewish and Muslim communities in the UK at a time of rising tensions.

Among more than 100 guests were Minister for Faith Baroness Scott, Progressive Judaism Co-Lead Rabbi Josh Levy and Imam Sabah Ahmedi of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association. Imam Mehmed Stublla gave the call to prayer from the Alyth Bimah (pictured top).

The event was covered by The Times (click here), with Alyth’s Rabbi Hannah Kingston then appearing on outlets including Times Radio and Sky News, alongside Imam Sabah Ahmedi.

Speaking on Sky, Rabbi Hannah said: “At an Alyth Iftar – we study together and then we break bread, literally, together. We hear the call to prayer and then we eat and we sit and we talk, often for hours.

“Islamophobia and antisemitism are on the rise and the only way that we break down those barriers is by having deep meaningful conversation and building relationships. Friendships are the most important thing that we can offer one other at this time.”

At the Iftar, dates and fruit juice were provided for Muslim guests to break their Ramadan fast, followed by food that both the Jewish and Muslim faiths have in common including falafel and other Mediterranean dishes.

Alyth has hosted Iftar dinners for more than a decade, but the synagogue’s leaders stressed that this year’s had taken on a new importance in light of the war in Israel and Gaza.

Rabbi Elliott Karstadt said: “Events and dialogue like this allow us to continue talking to each other, despite what is going on in the rest of the world.”

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