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MRJ Chooses Democracy – join the fight for Israel’s democratic future

Choose Democracy.

Our brothers and sisters from the Reform Movement in Israel have joined the demonstrations taking place at the end of every Shabbat to protect Israel’s democracy. They shine the light with beautiful Havdalot before they march together with hundreds and thousands of Israelis, protesting against the dangerous policies of the new Israeli government.

We, the Reform Movement in the UK show a full solidarity with the protestors and call you to JOIN US and show your support for Israelis of all backgrounds as they fight for Israel’s democratic future.

We are proud to endorse the UK Choose Democracy campaign and ask you to JOIN US and make your voice heard.

We want Israel to flourish as a homeland for the Jewish people and a democratic state that seeks to “ensure complete equality of social and political rights to all its inhabitants.” – as stated in Israel’s Declaration of Independence.

We cannot be silent as Israel’s new government seeks to undermine the rule of law; remove legal protections for LGBTQ people, asylum seekers, and many minorities; jeopardise a future two state solution; erode religious freedom; and endanger women and restrict women in public life.

We have a choice.

We either remain silent or stand in solidarity with those across Israel fighting for democracy.

We choose to stand on the side of Israelis protesting against an extremist government.

Choose Democracy

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