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Meet the new RSY-Netzer movement workers!











Joe Grabiner

Shalom. I’m Joe. I first found myself in the crazy hazy world of RSY-Netzer on Emunah summer camp in 2007 near the lovely Lake Bala in North Wales. I grew up at Alyth Synagogue, went on Shnat-Netzer Israel gap year programme in 2012/13, studied politics and philosophy at university, and for many years have dreamt about working for RSY-Netzer. I’m really looking forward to being movement worker and am particularly excited about helping to develop the new misgeret chinuch (educational curriculum), running Reform Zionist activities in our smaller communities, and supporting initiatives that our members feel strongly about.

Rhinannon Humphreys

Heya I’m Rhiannon and am really excited to be a movement worker – for RSY-Netzer for the coming year of 5777! I have grown up through Finchley Reform Synagogue and loved every minute of it. I really felt my Jewish journey expand ever since joining RSY-Netzer on Emunah summer camp in 2007, and going on Shnat-Netzer Israel gap year programme in 2013 only increased my devotion to the movement. I studied international relations at Leeds, but much preferred being able to be the youth worker at Sinai Synagogue. I’m really looking forward to working for RSY-Netzer for the year, working closely with communities and spreading RSY-Netzer vibes throughout the land!

Lucy Prevezer

Hello! I’m Lucy. I first entered the realm of RSY- Netzer on Reut summer camp in 2008 and have been hooked ever since, spending all my summers either in Wales or Israel! I recently graduated from Leeds University where I studied managing performance. During my time at university I worked with Sinai Synagogue in Leeds as their Early Years Coordinator, and loved every minute of it! I am so excited for my time working at RSY-Netzer as a movement worker. I am particularly interested in working with many Reform communities all over the country and bringing RSY-Netzer to them!

Naomi Raanan

Hello to all, I’m Naomi! I am very excited to be taking on the challenge of a second year of RSY-Netzer movement work next year alongside the incredible new tzevet (team). I grew up in Leeds through Sinai Synagogue and started RSY-Netzer from the moment I was old enough to! Using many of the skills I have learnt through being a madricha (leader), I qualified as a primary school teacher in Birmingham last year. I have a deep passion for RSY-Netzer and I am so grateful to the movement for the transformative experience that changed the course of my life. I have been lucky enough to form invaluable and lifelong friendships with RSY-Netzer. I can’t wait to work with even more northern Reform communities, working with them to bring RSY-Netzer’s presence even more to the North!

Tom Sadan

Hi everyone! I’m Tom and I’m massively excited to be a movement worker this year! I started my RSY-Netzer journey on Israel Tour in 2010 and have been involved every year since. I grew up at Edgware & District Reform Synagogue and studied history and music at Cardiff University. I’m especially looking forward to building further relationships with Netzer Olami (our global movement), continuing to develop programmes for our members to help them livluv (blossom) through their RSY-Netzer journeys and their lives overall, and to create great relationships between RSY-Netzer and smaller Reform communities across the UK!


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