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Manchester City Council Leader visits Menorah Synagogue

L-R: Cllr Tommy Judge; Richard Caulfield (Friend of Menorah); Cllr Tim Whiston; Cllr Emma Taylor; Cllr Bev Craig (Leader, Manchester City Council); Eve Davidson (Outreach Coordinator, Menorah); Laura Cohen (Vice-chair, Menorah); David Rabin (Chair, Menorah)

Menorah Synagogue is adjacent to one of the more deprived areas in the country and is acutely aware of the desperate plight of the country’s poorest families. How to help was at the top of the agenda when local councillors, Bev Craig, Leader of Manchester City Council and Sharston Councillors Emma Taylor, Tim Whiston and Tommy Judge and also James Binks, Assistant Chief Executive, Manchester City Council visited Menorah Synagogue in Sharston.

They met synagogue members including Chair, David Rabin, Vice-chair, Laura Cohen and Outreach Coordinator, Eve Davidson.

While the current economic situation has also affected the congregation, members have strived to help their neighbours with a continuing supply of clothes, foodstuffs and household ware. 

“This support will continue as long as there is need in the area,” promised Chair, David Rabin.  He continued, “It’s always a pleasure to meet our elected representatives.  We had a constructive discussion covering many topics.”

Councillor Bev Craig, Leader of Manchester City Council said, “We really enjoyed our visit and it was great to hear about the synagogue’s inclusive approach.”

Tim Whiston, Sharston Councillor added, “This is my second visit to Menorah in a fortnight!  I really enjoyed meeting a wide range of Community and Charity Groups at the Mitzvah Day Tea at the Synagogue last month and building networks that tackle some of the challenges we face as a wider community.”

Outreach Coordinator at Menorah Synagogue, Eve Davidson said, “It was a pleasure to share how our volunteers have been helping so many local organisations who have a critical role at this difficult time including Wythenshawe Food Bank, Mustard Tree, The Wellspring, Oldham Unity and Jewish charities including The Fed and Jewish Women’s Aid.”

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