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Liverpool Reform Youth Recognised as Climate Heroes

11 young members of Liverpool Reform Synagogue have been awarded green Blue Peter badges and recognised as climate heroes for their work on making Liverpool Reform Synagogue more eco-friendly.

These young people are members the Liverpool Jewish Youth Club, a weekly youth club run by the synagogue. Since the group were allowed to meet again in person in the Spring members of the group have been working on green pledges to make an impact on climate change. The results of these pledges will be a charter which the group has produced for the synagogue.

The youth group sent evidence of their work to Blue Peter, who decided to award 11 members of the group with green Blue Peter badges and recognise them as climate heroes.

Sarita Robinson, Director of Community Partnership at Reform Judaism, commented “We are very proud of these young people, who have perfectly modelled the Reform Jewish value of Tikkun Olam through climate responsibility. We hope when leaders gather for COP26 later this year they will listen to young people such as the ones in our synagogues who are calling for immediate action on climate change to protect the planet for their futures.”

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