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Though marriage, as an institution, is no longer an inevitable step in a couple’s journey, it remains an important ritual moment for many lucky enough to find a life partner. We are proud that this applies equally to all in our form of Judaism, regardless of gender and sexuality, and that we actively campaigned for marriage equality in the UK.

We are also proud of the work we have done to ensure that marriage rituals reflect the values and relationships of our members.

In this article, Rabbi Dr Deborah Kahn-Harris, Principal of Leo Baeck College, explores how a modern Jewish marriage ceremony can look very different to those of the past – or it can look very similar, but proclaim a different set of meanings and symbolisms. You can read more here.

It is recommended that all Jewish or interfaith couples undergo carrier screening for Jewish genetic disorders, as offered by Jnetics, prior to starting a family. For more information click here

Ketubot Marriage Contract Certificates can be purchased here.

Rabbiting On, Episode 12 - Rabbis Robyn, Debbie and Miriam talk about the joys (and scary moments) of conducting weddings and mixed-faith blessings.

Find out what they would do differently at their own weddings, why both partners receive a ring, the complex laws that govern marriage, the real basis of the veil and how Brit Ahava, a Covenant of Love, steeped in Jewish ritual and learning, is an alternative to a traditional Jewish wedding ceremony.

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