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The most important difference between Reform birth and traditional naming rituals and prayers emanates from our core value of egalitarianism, our equal valuing of our children, whatever gender they have been assigned at birth.

Boys and girls are welcomed wholeheartedly in the same way, apart from male circumcision which is now accompanied by egalitarian liturgy that complements conventional liturgy. This is one of the clearest ways that Reform Jews concretize our values in our Judaism.

Birth and naming rituals are imbued with hope, it is an act of hope to bring a new child into the world and to hope that we will be parents deserving of our children. Here are just a very few of the simplest rituals that two Rabbis – Esther Hugenholtz and Sylvia Rothschild have created. There is now a wealth of rituals and prayers to access. Read more here.

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